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Pornstar Brendan Patrick

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: N/A

Penis: 7"

Position: Versatile

If Irish lads are to your liking, you’re probably already a fan of gay porn VR star and adult actor Brendan Patrick. With a lean body, a full beard, dark auburn hair, a lean body, and a delicious Irish accent, if you haven’t already fallen for Brendan, you’re bound to soon. Growing up in a small seaside town in Ireland, then moving to Dublin, and later Los Angeles, Brendan is a worldly man who knows how to please his partners.

Wondering how he keeps that thin yet toned frame? Here’s how:

“A lot of it is a healthy diet really. Like 90 percent of it is just eating well and I’m a runner too. I’m a natural runner. I’ve been running a lot lately actually. I lift weights but I don’t try to overdo it.”

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Pornstar Brendan Patrick VR Videos

Brendan Patrick

29 min

You've never been one to shy away from attention and now that Brendan is cleaning your pool, it's a great time to get some sun and show Brendan how much his services are appreciated.

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