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Stud photo

Pornstar Jack Hunter

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 175

Penis: 8"

Position: Versatile

Jack Hunter has seen a meteoric rise in the adult industry, moving from humble origins to become a well known face and filming gay VR porn. Tall at 6’2”, handsome with brown hair and blue eyes, a tattoo of a key on his forearm, often a dash of facial hair, and an incredibly well-sculpted body, it’s not hard to see why Jack has built such a successful following.

If you wonder how he gets that amazing body, here’s his secret:

“I like to start my day with a light breakfast, usually a protein shake and a banana and some Greek yogurt maybe a little something extra if I'm actually hungry. Then jack off and go to the gym, but not always in that order.”

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Jack Hunter

38 min

Jack Hunter wants to get down and dirty with you before the guests arrive for the Halloween party. How could you ever turn down this sexy stud with a big dick?

Athletic Ball Licking Bareback Big Balls Big Dick

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